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I wrote down every word that the doctors said, the different terminology. Learned a lot. But mostly what I learned is, how little is actually known about mental illness. All they know, it’s rarely about finding solutions. It’s just more about managing expectations.

Locations: The Observatory (in Mukozuke) - He-Ate-Us Meme [4/36]

Anonymous asked:
Hy! I just wanted to stop by and ask you, if you will continue with the food gifs per episode?

queenhettienne replied:

Yeah, absolutely! Giffing the cooking scenes are my favorite. I’m finishing up my school year right now, so I’ll be able to really get more into Hannibal and giffing soon.

Anonymous asked:
A+ url

queenhettienne replied:

Thanks very much, love! All credit to Hettienne for being her queenly self.

My compliments to the chef.

Guest Stars/Minor Characters: Abel Gideon - He-Ate-Us Meme [3/36]

Please don’t blame the animals.

Guest Stars/Minor Characters: Peter Bernardone - He-Ate-Us Meme: [2/36]

Shocking Moment - He-Ate-Us Meme: [1/36]


For me, when Hannibal smells Freddie Lounds on Will Graham and realizes he’s been duped, the heartbreak of that is one thing. You see him sort of go quiet and interior after he gets a whiff of Freddie, and then that dinner scene afterward, where he essentially is telling Will, his best friend in the world that he has ever had, “I will forgive you if you come clean right now. All will be forgiven.” And Will doesn’t take it. Will continues to move forward with his betrayal, and it’s a very quiet, solemn, sad scene for me, watching Hannibal. And I did empathize with him, because regardless of what he’s done as a monster, we all relate to the intensity of a friendship that feels so unique, and when that falls apart, it is heartbreaking.

But you didn’t want it.

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